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XJ900F Tyre choice and size


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Pretty much any sport touring tyre road tyre from the major manufacturers shoudl be fine. There are plenty of reviews available on the web. Asking for recommendations sometimes starts a tyre frenzy with every tom/dick/harry recommending soemthing. 

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You can fit a slightly wider tyre on  than standard,  it pulls the tyre into a slightly more peaked shape,   they say it makes you tip in quicker on corners,  well i fitted a 190- on instead of a  180,  and noticed no difference ,  

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wider tyres make it harder to turn, that's why racers started knee down corners and the old timers stuck with using tucked in methods ( I may be wrong though)

I keep with the stock tyres on the FZ but have gone a slightly wider rear on the TDM, i dropped the steering angle and kept the front aspect ratio for easier tipping in.


if your just doing a bar hopper type thing, it won't make a bit of difference 

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This site offers a simple explanation of tyre size and profile, worth a quick read.


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