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Choke plunger

nigel smith

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hi all

With a plunger type choke is the choke on with the plunger pulled to its highest point? or does it differ for different type carbs?

any help would be gratefully received 

my question refers to an Aprilia rx50 geared moped and the manual goes against what I have always thought




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So that's a Derbi engine not the AM6?

Looking at the (limited)info I have for the RX after rebuilding my daughters the choke is pulled on by the cable, from that I would say that the choke will be on with the plunger fully pulled up.

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Hi mate yes the derbi engine. What you have said is what I understand to be right but the owners manual I have down loaded says push the lever up on bars to activate the choke. But pushing the lever up slackens the cable thus lowering the plunger so I was confused.

one other question are these derby engines harsh ?

mine vibrates at higher revs

have you rebuilt one of these engines?



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Seems odd for the choke, I'm only looking at drawings. The daughters is manual choke.

The RX my daughter has is the AM6 engine, better or worse than the derbi is down to personal preference I think. The Aprilia forums certainly suggest as much. 


Seriously this is the forum for these bikes, it is very active, mostly American but not exclusive and replies come pretty quick. 

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