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Yamaha YBR 125 2010 Indicator issues


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Hiya, I have a problem with the indicators, when I got the bike the only issue with it was that when turning the indicators on, both on the front end wouldnt turn on, whilst the back two would turn on, but not flash + dashboard indicator light would light up for the right side but not flash, left side dashboard wouldn't turn on at all. This morning I get on and turn on the right indicator, forgetting I've left it on 5 minutes later both indicators on the right side work perfectly fine now alongside the dashboard indicator light. However left side is still not working.  

Any ideas what I should do?

I replaced the bulbs on all 4 indicators so i know that isn't the issue.   

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Ok as it stopped working then sort of started working again I would go down the road of a bad connection somewhere. Check the earth first, this can come loose or get corroded, then go through each wire and make sure none of them are broken, this is where a multimeter comes in handy, if you don't have one then borrow one or get one from ebay or some such for a few quid, you'll use it anyway for other things on the bike. Not much else I can think of it being to be honest, someone else might have an idea so keep checking back to see what they come up with.

Just a suggestion, it helps if you say "hello" in the new members section, folks then know your not a one hit wonder. Just sayin!

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New indicator relay. Or dirty switch contacts.


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