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RD350LC finished .


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anyway , after a long time in my brother in laws garage the tank and panels have finally come home  ,

It started with the seat holding water in the dimples, wet arse , so had to be re covered, here's the old one.


so I started to remove the staples with a selection of tools , screw driver pin nose pliers pretty easy job, if you have pets keep your staples in one place or your pet will find them


then get yourself one of these for £30,


put the front on first then pull it over the back and make sure it's kinda lined up, put three staples in the front once you have the piped edge in place then repeat at the back,

then start to staple the sides in place , don't make the mistake of pulling the fabric to tight or it will look shit. now remove the front three staples and take out any ripples so you don't have any creases , then repeat at the rear . you should end up with something like this



this is after trimming.



onward to the panels, they sat in the garage in this state for nearly three months,


because they had cracked and craved over the years,






here's the old mellow yellow in it's former state


and tomorrow I will be back with the transformation of which I'm more than happy with.





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I am more than happy with all my hard work , I think it looks mint and takes me back to my child hood as I once owned one in these colours when I was a teen.


I almost have a tear in my eye sat here looking at the end result.

I can't wait until tomorrow to fill the tank and show it off.


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Lovely! :wub: 

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Kin el. Top result kev. Nice one.

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Corrrrrr"  ya beauty Kev,,,,:thumb:  it"l be worth top dollar ,now, $$.   [ better than ££, ]   will we see it in September, ?  B)

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Thanks for all the compliments guys and gals , they're appreciated . 

John are you doing the fizzy thing at Blackpool, if you are I could intercept you on route , and if bippo plays here cards right she can sit on it  !!!! Not the bike though :-) . 


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Sweet result mate, well done you. All you need now is to be 16 again !!! :D

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Cheers slice , I've still got my red doc's and they still fit, but the t shirts and jeans don't :-( 

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Ta meat, 

Me and the missus (yes I involved her she's a great scrubber) spent hours days even , on the front forks getting all that gold shite off using scrub pads and t cut. She even got on her back to wire brush under the engine case "bless her" as I fecked off to the pub ,and she had done it when I got home.

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