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I could've been flattened !!

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It's not phones you need to worry about, someone I work with was going to travel from London to Leeds for a meeting. I told him to get the train, he says he would rather drive as he can set the cruise control to 60mph and watch a dvd...!!! I told him he's an idiot but he doesn't see what's wrong with it :shrug:

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Yep, worrying to note the amount of times I see European AND uk lorry's with laptops on the dash playing movies.

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I run cameras front and rear In the car for this reason, I will admit I am particularly prone to road rage and with a f*cking great bullbar up front im somewhat unforgiving of idiots, however now when im shopping for insurance ive noticed the question being asked "have you had an accident in the last 5 years REGARDLESS OF FAULT" ... which kind of makes the idea of fault irrelevant as either way you will get fucked over which is worth considering when you're out on the road and the red mist descends.

Currently without a bike (FUCR is buried in the garage, not done fuck all with it), however with the recent developments of dashcams and helmetcams I would be very tempted to have one equipped, you see all these youtube videos of butthurt cyclists with them on when a bus cuts them up so probably worth considering wearing one on me lid if I ever get back out on 2 wheels again!.

Realistically though, mirror removal/criminal damage will be a nightmare should the prospective bellend take your reg number or have footage then its game over. Ita fun while it lasts, but you pick your fights... live by the sword die by the sword and all that.

As a comparison, ive had my car licence 6 years and my bike licence 7 years... had 3 shunts in the car (1 yr no claims) and 0 on the bike (7 yr no claims), you will be much more aware of your mortality on a bike than in a car, but the other party may not be so much, hence you have to look after yourself, no matter how hard you try you wont spin out a nissan micra when you're riding a fireblade.

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