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Yamaha XVS 125 help!!!!


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Hi everyoneI am new to all this so you will have to excuse me and sounding like a bit of noob. I posted a message in the newbie area so as to introduce myself a couple of days ago. 

I have a couple of questions guys and would appreciate some help. I recently purchased a Yamaha XVS 125 2004 model. It is in great condition. 1 previous owner. I am using the bike for commuting (I am a mature student) and to start enjoy biking, to learn about motorcycles etc... I am looking to do my DAS around April but probably wont be able to buy the bigger bike until September next year due to funds. 

I bought some Highway Hawks which I found on eBay. Can I fit these without the need for a rejet etc..? Any tips on fitting the slip ons? 

I am 5ft 4" and would like to add some Ape hangers narrow if possible. Obviously not gigantic ones but do you have any advice as to what size and what I would need to do to cables? Where I would purchase that stuff? 

Thanks for any help you can give me. 

Appreciate it. 


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Hi Paul, well most of your questions I have no answer for but APE HANGERS I do know about, if you want rain to run down to your armpits then fit them by all means but they look cool for about 5 minutes then you think "WTF was I thinking?" make the bike hard to handle and your fingers and wrists lose the circulation after about half an hour. If you live in California then by all means go for it if you live in the UK your going to feel a right twerp on a wet Monday in a queue of traffic. Just sayin!

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Hahahaha. Thanks for the advice Slice, I may reconsider my thinking on that then. I don't like the style of handlebar on the bike at the moment. Being small I want to be comfy and for it to look okay. Any suggestions? 


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You could try this !!!  60e5aaab4ae88c27e0f1b77b6d52cd41.jpg 

or this 9171.jpg  ugly man laugh emoticon


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Im with Slice, ape hangers on a 125? Come on! Slice is dead right. Poor bike control, and damned uncomfortable. There is a lot of adjustment on the stock bars, took me a while to find the best position for me, I fitted combined up/back raisers cos Im a shortie too, perhaps 30mm up and the same back. No problem with cable lengths.

Cant comment about the pipes. You might be lucky, you might not.

Personnally speaking, I loved the sound of the stock pipes, doof doof doof doof

HHs make it sound harsh

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As NSD say's fit a set of bar risers, just had a set on mine and the difference is just amazing, more adjustable than the originals and much more upright stance when riding, the whole bike feels different and more responsive. Some are really expensive but if your smart then you find the ones you want then go to a USA site and buy them from there, even with the postage it works out to be 1/2 the price of UK ones. Mine were £109 a set UK and delivered from the US (3 days) £68, no brainer really.

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Before you spend owt, Ill have a trawl in the mancave, theres a chance the old ones of the Dragstar may still be in there.

and indeed they are. 30mm up and 30mm back

only problem is I cant upload a photo, even though the camera is on vga quality

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Hi Pablo,

I gotta agree with the ape's as above but i also think they are cool to look at, i have ridden my mates Triumph Speedmaster with 20" apes and it feels almost like the bike is just falling over and your in no control of it. my advice would be a set of Z bars, i had them on my 650 draggy and made her twitchy and fantastic in the bends.

As for the exhaust they are a doddle to fit just make sure you have some WD40 or stronger penetrating fluid to help free up the rusty bolts, then you just slip on the new pipes and bolt them onto the frame or exhaust bracket (there will be obvious points to bolt to) as to the re-jetting things don't be scared as its not as hard as it looks. See points below:


After putting on new pipes ride the bike, if she bogs down and wants to cut out then there is a fuel air mix problem,

  1. First when riding pull the choke out, if the bike runs as it should then get the bike back home this way (you shouldn't be too far from home)
  2. Now take the spark plugs out. if they are white then you are getting too much air and need bigger main jets, if they are black and sooty then you are getting too much fuel and need smaller main jets.
  3. remove your carbs and drain the fuel from the float bowls (drain screw)
  4. Remove the float bowl
  5. remove the main jet and see what number is on it (example 90.0)
  6. If your lean (too much air) replace main jet with a 95.0
  7. If your too rich (too much fuel) replace main jet with a 85.0
  8. put the float bowl lid back on and re-install the carbs and other items removed to get to the carbs
  9. Ride the bike again
  10. If the bike still runs like shit repeat steps 4 - 9 until the bike runs great with no choke and the spark plugs turn a light brown color.
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