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Thick as shit


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Hey folks, thought id have a little rant and give you a giggle.

I have been helping a mate of mine fix his road legal Pit bike 140cc (stomp??) and yesterday i had to remove two fucked screws out of his stator plate so he could upgrade it. Anyway before that he asked if i had a flywheel puller and sadly id don't, followed swiftly by the "how do i remove a flywheel then" question..............."with a puller" i reply.

Then the screw extraction procedure happened, how he got the flywheel off i did not ask.

i do the biz and remove the two fucked screws and fit the new stator and leave for home to my chicken stew and dumplings.....nom nom nom

Hour later he tips up at mine on the bike and is well happy and lets me have a go  and i got to say apart from the cramped riding position its actually a lot of fun but only for 30mins or so, no way you can go long distance on them.

He then buggers off home. But then i get a text.........................bikes fucked and didn't make it home, flywheel had come off taking the woodruff key with it.

I nip out to get him home and he's now asking if he needs the woodruff key and how the best way to fix it :wank4az: and after half an hour explaining that he needs a new crank as the groove that the key goes in is now proper mashed he's telling me that his other mate is saying the key is useless and isn't even needed. :banghead:

That's when i go my stuff and left.

Total knobs

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Tell him to try using it without the key. SMH

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