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what happens on the island, stays on the island


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thought I'd start putting the pikkies from the Classic TT on here. no doubt Tommy will do the same too ;)


ready for the off


arriving at the camp


met a couple of guys from Newcastle, this is Barry


he asked me if i knew what the weather was tomorrow and I said yes :D

Peel Castle


chillin on the Glencrutchery road


found Kev's trousers for sale in Douglarse


Joey Dunlop and Tommy


Murray's Museum near Fairy Bridge



this moose was hanging around so took a pickie. wanted to know what the character was, she said Lindsey.


so its Lindsey the moose, with a mte we arranged to meet there

got grandstand tickets for the friday


at the creg


we were all on yammies

tommy couldn't take the stress on the minature railway

note his red cummerbund he acquired at Jurby Festival (was a scorcher)

lake at Ramsey where we stayed for 2 nights in a flat


offskies waiting to go on the ferry

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Had a brilliant time met some fantastic people, weather was great believe it or not! start in good old Liverpool IMG_0586_zpsampsd9jj.jpg

Drewpy was so excited to be on the Ferry I think!IMG_0589_zpswexr439q.jpg

met this gay guy in Peel Harbour IMG_0591_zpstjtckrqi.jpg

Some guy who said he was really good at racing motorcycles served hot drinks!IMG_0674_zpsyx80b4ck.jpg said his name was Conner something IMG_0675_zps2xjycbml.jpg

we managed to work out what a selfie is all by our self's IMG_0656_zpszta1ykah.jpg

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that fella from Peel turned up at the fairy bridge IMG_0627_zps99yhbuf8.jpg

We met up with Ste, Kev & Dave all on XJR's I had a little problem trying to keep up, but think i did alright!fIMG_0662_zpslgyyv4xn.jpg

Went to a place that was really Sound IMG_0636_zpscfsvz94p.jpg

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very lucky weather was brill after the first night

Superb.   drewps 600  is lookin great, :thumb: .  lucky with the weather too boys eh,   :jossun:

Me on top of the mountain with a giant ram I think IMG_0617_zpsbxjjli04.jpg

& Drew

just chillin outside Douglas 

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the island was one big bike show. It was amazing, took a bit of used to overtaking police cars at 80 on the mountain!

I even met a friend at Sound, really random and then a lady in Peel who used to live in Eccles too.


Tommy borrowed a go on one of the XJR1300 and pulled out on a Ferrari at the Creg. was funny watching him on an unfamiliar bike hooning it down the road at 100mph+ and a red Ferrari on his bumper. The whole pub was laughing

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Fantastic Tommy and Drewps. If only we had that type of camaraderie down here but alas we don't.

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