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Hi everyone - Im in..!!

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:hail:Hi yall - B I G 'SHOUT OUT' TO ALL BIKERS & FRIENDS - from sunny Nth Yorks - Pickering (UK) actually where pies & beer come from..!! ( OOps - Not forgetting my mate Paul's Eastgate chip shop for the VERY BESTEST FISH n CHIPS in PICKERING..) :hungry:

Until last week been an oil head for 3yrs but always fancied Yam' Dragstar for some time since my Pan days 12 yrs back..

Anyway - just swapped my R1150RT for Dragstar 1100 Custom - both '04 machines.. & so far D E L I G H T E D. . .! !

Bike in great order with only 6k mls, but need to get into her if you pardon the expression..!! (No offence to anyone.. ) Completely different to beema as I don't now need to remove panels to get into engine.. BUT.. !! .. ALL Youtube vids I have looked at so far seem to suggest removal of headers on most 'Stars' is essential to be able to change oil filter - which I don't really fancy doing.. Crazy..!!

If anyone can help I would be most grateful ie theres got to be a way to do the job without taking headers off - SURELY..??

Help..!! :hail:


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Hi and welcome to the YOC,few drag queens on here and they will know "how to" on your bike. :wavey:

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Ah cheers - lookin fwd :hyper:

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Welcome jamesie" See you got a DT too, , Pickering " av been there on way to hart beat , :jossun:

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Cheers all.. actually its my wifes DT but I got the job of (secretly) putting it back on the road this summer as a surprise - shes says shes gonna start riding again after 20 years..!!!!!

We'll see I guess



(theres a reason for this spelling btw..)

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