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Guest Tomg

traitor tomg's toy

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Guest Tomg

well guys im sorry but ive done it, ive gone mental, ive gone and got a honda hornet 600. however i think some of you may agree that this one is nice and i mean NICE. just take a look at the specs and the pictures and part of you may see why ive got it. but only part of you!!






7,600 miles,

One off pearl flip custom paintwork red into gold,

renthal handlebars,

braided brake lines,

Scorpian end can,

matching bellypan and hugger,

polished swingarm and frame/footrests etc, stainless fasteners throughout,

new renthal chain and sprockets,

street fighter headlamps,

dunlop race replica tyres (just scrubbed in),

one owner from new,

am i allowed to stay in the club?

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Well thanks for coming out to us all mate didn't ever really think that you were that way inclined but each to their own hey. :o

It is a nice looking bike with a good spec as you say though.


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Big jump going from a 50 to a 600....

Be prepared for the effects of the added weight & engine braking Tomg :unsure:

Pretty Nice Ride though ;) .....

Even if it is a H*nda :rolleyes::D

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Guest Tomg

thanks guys!

yeah, am planning on practising a lot on it beofre going out on the road somewhere open and empty!!! will let you know how it goes one im on the road with it!!

and yes i didn't no i was that way inclined either towards a h*nda! :P

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