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A Red Light Jumping cyclist video of mine has went semi-viral O_O


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I've ended up making the video of it all private now - the show brought out the dickheads to my page, even more than when it initially went viral. [Or, at least it should be private]

Not actually watched it myself - probably should - but judging on the comments, they cut a lot of the important info from Charlie. [Inevitable, since we chatted for over an hour].

My brother said I "sounded posh" in the interview...

On 03/02/2016 at 8:07 PM, Noise said:

And good to see you washed the bike too haha

I actually hadn't, from what I remember (: I think it'd been raining a lot.


1 hour ago, drewpy said:

Capt F did you see the electric shopper on 2 wheels, that was outside Aldi in Eccles

I saw that when it was doing the rounds, yeah (:

Oddly, I never saw the thing in real life, even though he was meant to be doing stuff like that all the time.

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