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Golden Oldie - actually bald and grey


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Hi Everybody

I am 68 this year and just got back onto two wheels. I have never had new bikes my last one being a 1984 Honda Nighthawk CB650SC - a good bike but spares getting hard/dear to get hold of. I have just bought a 1998 XJ600S Diversion, not the bike I wanted I would have preferred the 900 with shaft drive, but was within my price range. I am quite pleased with the bike apart from a vibration felt throughout the bike at around 3500 rpm. below and above the bike is quite smooth but my fillings suffer at this rpm. The bike has a non standard 4-1 exhaust system which sounds great ( the main reason I bought the bike ) but apart from that I assume the bike is standard. It passed the MOT a while back with no major issues so I assume the bike is structurally sound. Looking on EBay it seems that vibration is a common fault with this model although I find it hard to believe Yamaha would produce a bike with such an inherent fault.

My question is that is this a common problem and, if not, any suggestions as to a cure ??

My journey to work is coincidentally at 50mph which equates to the dreaded 3500rpm.

Ride safe


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Greetings grog, Like Airhead I've never ridden one so can't help. Anyone older than me is most welcome here but you should give up work mate life is too short, enjoy and stay safe.

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Can't hepp with the question but :welcome:

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