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yamaha ag 175

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One small detail that people miss is that the steel plates have a sharp edge and a rounded edge the sharp edge goes to the basket.

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well i've been going crazy. I have 2 complete motors with bad mainshafts, and I plan to pick up a complete parts bike in a week or so which will give me 4 top ends, and hopefully one useable bottom e

so today made the frame loop for the seat and brazed it on, now I just have to paint and mount the rear guard!

Nice! That'll make the commute tons more fun!

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She's coming along. :thumb:

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Thanks. She's pretty rough and ready I mean all the black rim and frame paint is sprayed on with minimal prep and looks good from about 1m but not up close. The green paint I've done properly so it will look good but I figured if I like the bike ill powder coat all the frame stuff black and get new rims etc as the front one is actually fairly buckled lol.

I'm happy cos i haven't emptied my pocket into something I won't get back.

It's a blast even with a slipping clutch. I think it'll be great. The brakes are surprisingly good.

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Cut and buffed the tank with meguiars 105 and 205 first with a wool pad then a fine foam pad on the drill


applied the vinyls.

not bad for a first time on the vinyls, theres a little defect on one of the letters on each side. I a glad I am not clearing , the vinyls were 5 bucks and I can just remove them with a gentle peel and alcohol at any time.

pretty happy with how the paint looks considering it was a very quick and cheap job

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clutch is still slipping an ive resanded the plates and checked everything, made sure the spacing was correct, have the uprated springs etc....

I think the issue may be the basket it seems to be warped. the spare one I have I think may be for a dt 175 which needs 6 plates?

confused by it all thats for sure!

gearbox bearings are shot so will have to strip this motor down - was going to rebuild my spare but it was put aside when I found the bent mainshaft.. I haven't been able to find one cheaply enough here

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went and ordered all new engine bearings and seals, plus a few other seals all up about $115 just had to get the countershaft support bearing from ebay israel lol as its a yamaha only part ($30) so its not too bad in terms of costs. at least after that the thing will be done and wont have to worry about anything except the top end seizing/failing.

bought all new allen case and side cover bolts for the rebuild so the motor should end up looking pretty good

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guy who I bought these off was a crook thats for sure, pulled down the running motor and its got a bent f*****ng mainshaft as well... not bent splines, an actual bent mainshaft. god knows how that happens - seized chain again probably. this guy was a downright tool.

cant catch a break with this engine stuff... really pissed off about this... paid too much for 2 wrecked bottom ends although I do have 3 good cylinders/piston combos I might be able to make a bit of cash off.. I have enough parts I can probably sell on ebay to make some cash - theres another bike close to home i'll pickup hopefully with a decent engine.

. :shakeno:

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The lightening of the wallet happens incredibly fast!

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well i've been going crazy. I have 2 complete motors with bad mainshafts, and I plan to pick up a complete parts bike in a week or so which will give me 4 top ends, and hopefully one useable bottom end... so what I also did was pickup a CT 175 complete gearset in USA that my step mum is going to bring over for me for $10 USD which was just a crazy bargain, I also purchased a CT 175 primary gear (19 tooth) for $7 and some clutch steel plates.

ideally I want a complete ct 175 geartrain (primaries + gearset) but at this stage I dont have the 74 tooth CT clutch basket.

the gearing differences

AG primary = 72/17 (4.3) vs CT PRIMARY 74/19 (3.89)



3.181 vs 3.181

2 vs 2

1.368 vs 1.368

1 vs 0.875

0.8 0.666

ag RPM drop per gear

2413 2054 2342 1553

ct rpm drop per gear

2413 2054 1749 1300

with the different primary gearing the ag bike has shorter 1st 2nd 3rd but 4th and 5th are much longer so bike can still do 100kph - you can see the 600rpm drop is fairly significant.

I am hoping perhaps I can put the CT gearset in with the ag clutch basket but ct primary to get 72/19 (3.79 ratio) this will give me the shorter gear ratios but with the same top speed. I am not sure if this is possible as I dont know if the 17 tooth and 19 tooth primary gears have the same diameter/tooth width etc - if not Ill have to buy a CT 175 74 tooth clutch basket instead of the ag 72 tooth basket.

if I cant be bothered doing all this I'll just take the mainshaft from the transmission and use with all the other ag bits - the gear ratios aren't that bad.

if I run the CT gearset with the ag primaries as it will be super short ratio throughout with top speed of 80 (like the ATMX gearbox) - I could then run a 15t on front and 37t on back to bring it back to normal

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seat arrived today, I'm not stoked with the quality but it will do.. I might be able to fix the wrinkles by either heat or pulling the vinyl and injecting glue under the vinyl... I really like the style so I forfeited a bit on the quality ...


so left on my todo list

- pick up the parts bike this weekend for > the engine, forks, exhaust silencer, rear mudguard, clutch lever and a few other bits.

- rebuild engine (new bearings seals + clutch plates/discs)

- modify the frame to support the seat (i'm going to mount seat with velcro to allow easy access to oil pump) I've chopped the rear arch which would have prevented me from mounting the seat. I'm a bit worried as roadworthy are strict on frame modifications

- replace the damaged fork tube

- install new rear brake shoes

- replace the clutch perch which is cracked - the lever is also worn where the pivot bolt is.

- install new chain


- paint the cylinder

- paint replacement forks

- paint the rear mudguard (will need it for roadworthy)

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so couldnt resist a bargain (my step mum is in US coming back) so I have been going mad ordering things from the US, getting bargains and saving on postage

ordered new steel plates $34 (save 45)

ordered EBC frictions $34 (save 45)

ordered dt 175 reed assy + rubber intake $15!

ordered boyesen reeds $28

ct 175 enduro gearset - $10

ct 175 enduro primary $ 7

the dt 175 reed is massive compared to the CT 175, so boring out the intake to fit it should provide some good gains along with the boyesen reeds, also porting the intake timing to 360 degrees should make the bottom end really exceptional... I am prob gonna add a boost bottle too as if yamaha believed in them so do I :D

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Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. :)

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I like that seat where did you get it?

Try putting it out in the sun for a day and the wrinckels might just smooth them self out

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