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I just Borg a YZF need some info on it the sirel numbers are h308e-007989


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Ok Mate this is how it works on here, first you INTRODUCE yourself in the "new members" section, just say Hi and a bit about yourself and what not, then you put this type of query in the "workshop" section and hope that someone will be able to help out, you DO NOT just rock up and ask a question, we don't know you and you don't know us so say hello like you would if you just met someone for the first time in the pub. Plus one other thing just saying "DIRT BIKE" as a question or statement is not very helpful is it? Anyway Welcome to the YOC and I hope someone out there can help you out with what you need. :jossun:

PS we are just a bunch of guy's and girl's who like bikes not a profesional outfit that does this for a living, so it might be a while before anyone gets back to you cos they are not on here all the time, so be patient and hopefully an answer will arrive, please DON'T just shove questions all over every area of the forum as this pisses people off.

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