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UK bobber laws?

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I am midway through building a bobber and after reading forums, I am very confused about the laws regarding them.. So far what has been done:
Rear suspension replaced with 9 1/2 inch solid struts
Sprung Solo Seat
Drag Handlebars
Handlebar mounted front indicators
Ignition / Kill switch rewired to the side of the motorcycle
Left side mounted number plate and brake light
Silvertail exhausts
Removed Chain Guard
Removed Front Sprocket Guard
Removed Front Fender
Most of the responses that I have seen all just say "it depends on what mood the copper is in"
Any advice?
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Sounds right with no chain guards or front 'fender' you are bang to rights on construction and use regs at a minimum.

Then the implications for locking the rear suspension up. That's different to a hard tail frame regs wise.

So yeah. If the copper got laid that morning you could be ok.

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I take it your doing the XVS125 into the bobber?

To start with are you 100% sure the solid stuts you have put on the rear can with stand all that punishment of hitting a pot hole at say 55mph?

At the end of the day it is down to the police officers descretion, touch wood i have not been pulled and my bike aint exactly bob standard or a stealthy ninja when it pulling away. Do what you think is ok and is safe, personally i feel the struts aren't a great idea but i've not seen what they look like etc but if you think they are man enough to do the job then spot on!.

Hows about some photos of it, would love to see what you've done

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I'm doing it to the 250 Hyosung, I thought with a cheaper bike it was less to lose if it all went tits up. The 125 is going to my girlfriend.

As far as the struts are concerned, they are specifically designed for lowering motorcycles - machined from 6061 billet aluminium or something, apparently they're quite common with 750 Honda shadows, I figured that if they can support something that weighs twice as much I should be OK. In addition, with the fender being as low as it is, I hope that the chain cover wont be an issue as the chain is very well hidden, on top of that there won't be a pillion seat or anything so nothing will be obstructing it. Here's a link to the current stage https://flic.kr/p/nvAPMy

I think I'm going to have to put the front fender back on in order to avoid harassment, any ideas on the best way to cut it down? cheers

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Thats smart as hell!!!

Ive got no front fender and it passed the mot fine and never had any problems with the law. Ive just left the metal support on to "act" as a fender.

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I have a xsr700 converted to a bobber only had Bob a week love him I have pu a hugger extender to stop rain and mud flying up on bme waste of money or what can I do if anything 

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Welcomer in "..  look at others on U/tube   steal their ideas . 🔧

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