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dt125r given up the ghost?


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that does sound like its going to be a lot simpler than you first imagined, good luck ken, hope its something easy to fix.

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Well had the carb off with reeds in place I've pushed the kick start down repeatedly and noticed the reeds don't open 1 bit and there covered in petrol.

I belive Rings have worn, piston top is black as to be expected but there is only what I can describe as burning to a small part of the edge of piston on exhaust port side.

No loose bits of metal or anything!

Must admit the piston and rings I bought where cheap.

I've snapped my 12mil spanner so couldn't take the cylinder off but I rubbed my finger around in there and couldn't feel any scratches etc....


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What you thinking then? New reeds and rebuild the top end?

Doesn't sound too bad!


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