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Dt wont tick over cold


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Just to clarify.

Do you need to use choke to actually start the bike? Then once its running you take the choke off and she idles ok. If a little uncertain till she warms up.

If thats the case it sounds about right. Choke on a 2 stroke is really just to get it running.

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I keep choke on for about 5 mins, adjust idle thumb screw on carb so she revs about 2k rpm

Choke off the adjust idle back to 1.5k rpm...

Sometimes they meff a little blip of throttle after turning choke off.


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yeah thats what happens ill use the choke to get it started ill have to keep it on for a bit to warm her up then ill take it off and itll idle fine

Sounds perfect,,,,, just keep it on for a bit longer

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Bit confusing this, everybody says keep the choke on longer, but he says wont tick over with choke on.. :eusa_think:

The revs should be high with choke on,[2k] and as the revs drop, take the choke off,

his first post says " idles fine wen off choke," meaning its dieing with choke on, [ i think thatswhat he means] if so , sounds a bit ritch

check air screw,[ turns out] ,,, :spin2:

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