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DTR125 2001 Power valve help please


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i understand the power valve and how it works but i have read that there are restrictions in the power valve system in my model , my range were apparantly the first ones to come with a fully working power valve but pin it either open or closed and where the power valve stops working at a certain rpm, i have noticed on mine that it seems to sort of build up slowly, unless you rag it obviously, if im in too high of a gear just to give me more time to observe , it sort of pulls nicely but at low revs , slowly building up, where u get a sudden burst of power , but then if u keep trying to push the gear further revving more it loses power, surrely it should keep the power up if my power valve was fully working, i know theres a time to change gear but shouldnt lose power should it ???

im thinking that it could be the valve is pinned and the burst of power is the maximum rev range that it can give power for at that range, ???

any ideas?

how should a dtr 125 with a servo power valve run with the ypvs system fully working ?

Also does anybody know if there is a restricion where the valve stops working at a certain revs , if so , how do i take out this restriction?

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thanks yeah thats the one , been reading so much stuff i got it mixed up, yeah trouble is i have an imported one i think the manuals all foreign writing and its not got mph on speedo its kph , so i dont ever know exactly how fast im going i think unless hes rigged it before but i aint sure and cant trust that also have no rev meter its got the wires cut, thanks thats helped a bit , but do u or does anybody know if the power valve cuts out at a certain rpm have read it does on some models not sure about mine?

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