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When you Break down


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hopefully, nobody has been there, but it can happen to anyone

i recently ran out of engine RIGHT AFTER my 4000 mile service. i had ridden the YBR home, got changed, and set off to work. the bike stalled strangely as i accelerated away from a set of lights (didnt stop moving), started the bike up again, then lost all power 200 yards later.

then i was stuck on a 50mph road, just after a roundabout, with high kerbs keeping me from bumping up, and no drop kerb for another 100 yards.

i decided that the engine was in fact dead, and pushed it to the nearest drop kerb (not behind me at the roundabout, i want forward 100 yards), made a couple of calls, then set off home, pushing the bike, wearing all my winter gear

after a mile and a half, i got home, the mechanic turned up with his van, and took the bike to get checked out at the Yamaha dealer up the road. it turned out to be the spark plug, which suddenly died a permanent death, so it was replaced under the bikes warranty.

from this, i have learned a few things i would like to share


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD take off the motorcycle gear before you start pushing, its not nice overheating, whilst your'e drenched in sweat. and take off your lid as well if theres somewhere on the bike you can mount it without fear of dropping it


get it off the road as soon as possible, onto the pavement (side-walk) where you're out the way of the traffic, then as you push it, remember that you're a pedestrian now


dont bother pushing it if you've got more than a mile to go, even a little YBR is heavy when you start going uphill


its best to just get somewhere that your local grease monkey can find easily, like a petrol station, superstore, or some other important place, instead of giving him complex directions


if possible, call a local dealer rather than the breakdown patrol, i fortunately live down the road from a Yamaha dealership, whose mechanic was happy to go to my home to collect the crippled bike

and having breakdown cover would certainly be a good idea if you ever go along a road between towns, where you'd have trouble pushing it somewhere

here's hoping that ill not have to push it ever again!

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Came out of the bank a couple weeks ago and couldn't get my bike started. Knew I had power because my neutral indicator light was on, brake light working, etc.. Made sure I had fuel and the petcock was in the on position. Kicked and kicked, but still not starting. So checked the spark plug... I thought it looked okay, but changed it to another one that I knew was good anyway. And up she started. Felt good to be able to fix it on the spot. :)

I've now got a gap tool in my tool bag with the rest of my kit just in case. Only time I've had to push her was due to a flat... thankfully she's just little and luckily I was only a block away from home. Still no fun though so I've added some cold patches and a little travel co2/hand air pump to my kit.

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What a nightmare, especially now it's winter. The only thing to happen to me so far is my clutch cable snapping. Luckily I was only about a mile from home and as an added bonus it was all downhill. I have to admit breaking down is always at the back of my mind when I'm out on my bike.

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Add a mars bar to the bikes toolkit, if you have to wait hours to be recovered or have to push your bike to the next town it will not only provide morale but also stop you starving to death if you are there for a longish time

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The only tool needed for the road is a cell phone and enough cash to sit in the pub and wait for a friend to pick you upLOL

Seriously though I keep a bolt nut and washers to fix broken cables,the bolt has a hole drilled in it so you can feed the cable in and pinch it between the washers and a couple of spark plugs and a tire plug kit/co2 bottle. I have never needed the cable repair but it's got a few friends home

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Sounds like you had a blast Grover... :eusa_think: Poor you!

I've had a puncture which was a pain. Flat in seconds on a main road like you. Managed to pull over ok - but it was peeing down with rain. I had all my waterproofs on, but still didn't help matters! Luckily I have RAC cover (new bike), so they managed to plug it and I was on my way again within an hour so it could have been worse.

If only I was in my car... A roof over your head and a spare. Typical!

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ive got RAC cover, but it seemed a waste when i was just a 4 minute drive from home :P

4 minute drive is a long walk with a bike and gear though, ha ha! I was over Sheffield way, so no chance in hell of me pushing my bike over Snake Pass.

Well if you do ever need to use your RAC (let's hope not), it was as easy as pie. I keep my RAC card with me now whenever I go out on the bike.

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I'd sooner sweat than freeze.

Few years ago i was riding to market harborough for work (round trip 50 odd miles) it was minus 7 or so.

There were people with nothing more than office clothing driving the same route. People stuck on ice or snow with nothing to help themselves with. I would have been fine with my winter riding kit.

Its as if everybody is ignorant of the fact that the world we live in is dangerous.

Year round motorcyclists are the ray mears of the roads these days.

Ps teach you to carry a spare plug. Anybody brought up on old strokers wont leave the house without one.

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