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Down a tooth on front sprocket?


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Hey people!

Before I get my carb setup I'm thinking about making my dr125r more suitable at 60mph!

If I scream the nipples off it it reaches 110kph but I'm not a fan of running bike flat out for national speed limit!

If I go down a tooth on front sprocket would this allow more comfortable riding?

I'm gonna keep the standard sprocket for green laining!



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No you want to go up a tooth on the front to lower the revs at 60mph.

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Roughley.I posted this some where else but here goes again.

Lets say your running a 40 t rear and a 13f your final ratio would be3.07 so in words that means the front turns 3.07 x to turn the wheel 1 x

A 13- 37 would be 2.84 where a 14-40 would be 2.85.

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I have gone up 1 tooth on the front on my DT twin shock , my bike has only 5 gears,

I did it to try to achieve a top gear cruise speed of 55 mph at slightly lower revs,

Which it does, the difference is not that great though, the only draw back is that to get the most out of 5th gear I now have to hold onto 4th gear for a few revs longer,

(What you gain on the swings you loose on the roundabouts)

Iinternet search for motorcycle gear ratio calculator, ()

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Well bike is in need of a new front sprocket so I might order standard and 1 tooth more, keep the standard one for green laining!

How come the dt's struggle to get 60mph I would have thought the liquid cooled 2t engine would push for 80mph?

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