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Front Wheel alignment DT 175

Migthy Mule

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Hello all,

well its all back together and im taking it for its mot on saturday :hyper:

but I have one last issue and its that the front wheel is not in line with the forks,

I have a 24mm gap between the rim and rhand fork, and 32mm gap on the other side???

I dont get it. the spindle is in a fixed position, I tried pushing the one fork leg higher through the yokes but of course this didnt work because the spring just took it up any suggestions ?

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Assuming the fork legs are not bent

Perhaps the forks are twisted in the yokes

Remove the front mudguard (for vision)

Slacken the RH axel clamp nuts

Slacken but leave nipped the four bottom yoke clamp bolts

Slacken the three top yoke clamp bolts

Enlist a friend to hold the wheel between their legs

Twist the handlebar until the wheel appears perpendicular to the handlebar

Hopefully this has moved out the RH leg a little?

Torque everything back up to spec


Upper yoke pinch bolts 18

Steering bolt 43

Lower yoke pinch bolts 14.5

Torque settings in lbf/ft

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The RH fork just clamps around a split sleeve on the axle, you should tighten the two clamp nuts up after the spindle nut is tightened and not before...did you do this Sam?

sorry, just been out to look and yes clamp done up after spindle nut

I had considered the twisting in the yokes but ive just tried it and it hasnt made any difference I have no idea if it was always like this, seems likely the forks are bent.

ill see if I can turn the forks in the clamps tomorrow

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  • 4 weeks later...

the new spindle arrived but was too short, I returned it and got one for a newer model / slightly longer and with a bigger thread that matched the one I removed but this hasnt helped - this got me thinking - could the problem be that I have the wrong front wheel, can anyone enlighten me as to whether the early model dts (round section swing arm) had a narrower hub arrangement,


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all the wheels and forks are the same unless you have an imported leading axle style fork

Im having some trouble with photo bucket but im fairly sure its not the leading axle style ( thats where the forks run down behind the spindle i guess)

im away monday night but ill get some photos on on Tuesday, thanks

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Once you have it all together again, try rotating the upper shafts of your fork tubes with the pinch bolts still loose. If that causes the lower tubes to move in or out on the spindle shaft...

Cos I just discovered the shiny, unpitted original forks I went to the trouble of rebuilding on my CS5 are both bent. :icon_redface1:

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