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My first bike, a little scared at first but love it now.


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O PLEASE GOD TAKE CARE OF THIS PERSON ....if you live to truely know how to ride it see ya next year.

Please take No offence you might have ridden bikes before and think you know right how to handel that thing but ????? me thinks your in over your head ( actualy not you..... anybody)for a first bike.

Seriously be thinking everytime you twist the throttel, shit happens " snap just like that" and that thing will eat you and still be fixable when your dead.

But wtf welcome to the YOC hang around and check it out.

O Grouch thats just apart of what it's like to live in CANADA we ride what we want, how we want, when The dam snow goes away even then wtf lets ride CRAZY CANADIANS,

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Thanks for the concern dt502001. But don't worry. It is my third year on this thing now. I actually wasn't looking for a bike of this size to begin with. I was mainly looking for a naked bike, and nothing over a 600 or if I got a good deal on a 750 then I'dgo for that too, but no bigger. Then I saw this beast in the window of my local Yamaha dealer and I fell in love with it. I had no intention in buying it, but just go in to see it and sit on it and drem a little. Then he told me the price and I had to buy it. The bike is actually a 2007, but I bought from the dealer in 2010, they shipped in 5 to New Brunsiwck that year and from what they told me they won't be able to get any more in, not sure why. Anywho the bike had "Zero" mileage on it, I even have the pics to prove it. And the best part, I only paid $9000 for it.

As for your concern, I appreciate it, but I maybe a first time rider when I bought it, but I'm not a young kid either to just jump on it and see what thing can do. I'm more mature than that. I took the safety course and took it easy on the bike for the first couple of months and as time went by and when I got more comfortable on it I am having more and more fun with it. Especially leaning into in while going through traffic circles. ;)

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Gald you took the right steps to get comfortable and make it 3 yrs without killing yourself.By your first post I thought you just got it and I'm sure you can honestly say that if not careful with the throttle it could get you into trouble in a blink.

Young or old we all can forget commen sence and go wild ,,,after getting off the dirt on my wr doing wheelies stoppies jumps and going as fast as I can everywhere,I have to remind myself that stuff stays on the dirt not on the street.

I bet with all the torque that bike makes the front end would be quite easy to pull up in second or 3rd gear.

9000 is a dam good price if i remember thoes bikes were around 13500.00 ,,In Canada the dealers are aloted so many of each bikeand the only way they can get more is to buy it from another dealer then they pay way more and have to cover the extra shipping so in the end it's just not worth it ,most will get you a bike that way but you would get a better deal just buying it from another dealer.Then if needed get the warenty work done at you local dealer.

Anyway again welcome to the YOC unfortunatly as thats a rare bike you probably won't get much help fixing it if you need any in the future the closest I ever got to 1 was at the bike show for a sit.The bike wasn't a good seller because it's confused with it's self it's not a sport bike and it's not a cruiser

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For some reason i never really liked the MT bikes.

I like the look of the front half of them, but from the end of the tank back,,,,,,, something just doesnt do it for me.

The cans are too high,,,,the sprocket an chain is on the wrong side,,,,,the back of the bike looks unfinished.

The right side looks nice but the left isnt.

Please dont think i'm putting your bike down,,,,cause im not,,,,,,, its just that i never really understood the look of them.

I'm sure there a great bike to ride and its smaller brother is quite comforty. Yours will have the power that the small one lacks.

There just not for me.

Best of luck with your bike,,,,,,keep rubber to the road and shiny bits to the sky.

Welcome to the YOC.


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Thanks for the welcome everyone and comments. I take no offense 2 wheels, i know what your talking about. Everyone has there own opinions, likes and don't likes. I'm the same, there are bikes that look good to me where as others will find them ugly, and vice versa. I mainly like the naked looking bikes but they are very few of them around that's why I like the MT-01, it's got the naked look and very unique looking. I am now already in the hunt for another bike, I'm looking at the Suzuki B King, Yamaha VMax and Ducatti Diavel. But just looking for now;)

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88.90 HP (64.9 KW)) @ 4750 RPM

150.30 Nm (15.3 kgf-m or 110.9 ft.lbs) @ 3750 RPM

1/4 Mile is about 11-13 secs

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that looks like a beast!

i seen this and have instantly fell in love with the bike !

think i may just have to keep my eyes out for one for my next bike :D

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I dont think thats 125cc..

Its been a long time since we were allowed anything larger than 125cc as a 1st bike in the uk.

next they will be saying Has to be 4 stroke too.

They like to suck the fun out of life over here.

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Bloody eck

Looks like the bike has been built around the engine and to stick a human on top of it would look like the equivelant of a pegeon perched on a tank lol!!

Awesome looking unique bike, I love it :)

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