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I need a girl like you i think yammie, would do it 5 times a day if i could

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I love the saying mate!  :lol:

Your sisters jsut moved to Lancing, fek me i used to live there. Have you got any pics?  ;)

yep of her and her boxer boyfriend lol they may be into swinging or he maybe into beatings lol

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Apparently i'm a nympho <_<

What i want to know is it not normal to want sex more than twice a day :unsure:

bloody hell yammie twice a day io hon :lol: estly am speachless

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Goddam faggots.

im a cross breed im half irish and haLF english so its not all bad half irish is better than being totally irish i suppose :lol:

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and who are you.... i like these guys......thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but would you like us all together :P

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