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New 125 Rider


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I have just bought an Xt 125 which was a bargain. I am really pleased with it, it looks really nice and I think its cool as fuck but...... the only thing I am unhappy with is the speed and quickness of it. When I test rode it, it was sluggish. it wasn't properly warmed up, and I cant ride it properly until Saturday when I pass my CBT and my insurance becomes valid. Im not expecting too much of an improvement but I suppose for my first legal road bike, it will do.

Are these exhausts worth getting that give them extra power? I have seen them on the net for around £250 - £280. How much of a difference will it make, and is it really worth buying?

Thanks Guys :jossun:

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Hi and welcome.

Is bike lumpy or just underpowered? Has the bike been serviced? A new set of plugs (or more likely plug singular on your bike), an air filter and an oil change is cheap, easy and more likely to make a difference. Its good to get your hands dirty on the bike ... get used to checking bike and making small adjustments - its part of the test!

Don't expect a lot from the 125 ... my YBR maxed at 74 (downhill, wind following etc) but 60ish was really the best to hope for in normal conditions.

I really wouldn't modify the bike if I was you - your insurance company will be unimpressed by any 'performance' mod and I don't think it is a great value for a first bike. Stick the money in an ISA and save for the big bike! I had the 125 for a year before passing the DAS and moving on to a 600 - yes it wasnt a performance bike but it was great to get the miles down and practice the basics.

Enjoy the bike as-is and get some time on the road and don't worry about the performance. The CBT is just the start!

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As said above just learn to live with it and put the money you would have spent on an exhaust towards your full test. After all is £250-£280 worth around 5mph to you?

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Thanks guys

I underestimated my bike, I have realised that it is just right for the city. it is not slow, it is fast enough to keep up with the traffic and quick enough off the mark at juctions and traffic lights. I have been riding around all weekend on it and I think it is just right for how I am using it, for pleasure and to commute. I don't think I will bother with any performing enhancing mods, i will just improve the bike cosmetically.

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Yeah your best chaging oil, air, oil, new spark plug to be honest.... i have a 125 brought her new and she alright for a 2 stroke... 125 arent made for quickness they made to give ya experience same as 50s.... adjusting little things help a lot i often change the bite on the clutch... simple thigns really no need spending money on it as it wont benefit you in any way :) get ya test then splash the pennies

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