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Who has got a XJ6 ? What do you think of it ?

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Well, they're ridin'!! :D

Still love my bike. I've done almost 15 000kms with it in a little more than a year. Took it to do two 1000kms road trips in France. It was perfect.
On the highway it's just not comfortable enough. If you have to do only a few kms, it's all right, but several hundred, geez, it's a pain. But well, that model isn't made for the highway.

Can't help you with your clutch problem though, sorry. And I've got a Rizoma handlebar, so I don't have any trouble.

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Hi ,

Does anyone know the standard oil grade for the front forks ? Cannot find my manual to look it up .

Bike on 37,000 now, the left hand fork seal is damp so I will replace both and change the oil . Some people upgrade the oil grade , not sure if anyone has a view on this as this sort of thing is new to me .

I really like the Michelin tyres I fitted this time , now 1000 miles old and in my opinion the best set I have put on .

Brake light switch packed up yet again , managed to resurrect it with electrical contact oil spayed in the holes and repeatedly pressing the pin to clean it up . Light smear of grease over the holes to try and keep the elements out .


Hi all ,

Cannot believe I started this post up two and a half years ago and that I have not posted since March .

Well , bike has now clocked 42,000 miles .

Still being used for work and reliable . Never broken down- well virtually, will explain later .

I replaced both fork seals early summer and took the opportunity to respray the front forks silver again . Unipart wheel silver and some lacquer if prepared properly give a great finish . The 2 rubbish cross head screws that retain the front mudguard and rust really well were both drilled out and replaced with a stainless steel washer cap head bolt. Tried a couple of companies on-line for fork seals but reckon a lot of them still are unsure of the difference between the old 90s XJ600 and the modern batch of XJ600N , Diversion etc , do not think there parts look up make it clear . So in the end I just got them trade from my local dealer for about £7 each I think , plus some oil and was quite pleased I got a trade discount this time . Seal retaining clips were well and truly stuck in but it was not such as bad a job as I first thought , I am still novice motorcycle mechanic despite 25 years in the motor trade .

Anybody tried ProBolt for fixings ? Ok if you have a fairing but once you have exchanged a couple of emails explaining that a 2009 XJ6N is different to a 90's model - sound familiar ? You end up being told my bike is a Diversion . Another email explains the variants to them of the modern XJ6 range as they obviously did not know themselves and in the end no parts are available for the N model .

Sure some bits are similar but I want bolts for plastics as that car cleaner mentioned in a previous post ruined mine , my only option is to take out the bolts and measure them or send one in to Pro-bolt to match up. Not had the time for that yet .

Tyres are doing ok , 6000 miles in and they are starting to flat off but have plenty of life - will they make 10'000 miles like the other brands ?

Pads are still great , work well and have plenty of life . Will need to look back at the post talking about fitting the EBC pads and check the mileage but I am quite sure they have exceeded the mileage I got from the bikes original from new pad set . The discs are showing signs of wear and may well need replacing when the current pads wear out , that will not be cheap.

Refering to virtually never breaking down at top of todays post I did have a loss of gears as I pulled up to a junction . A quick look found the gear lever top fixing cap head bolt had dropped out but was luckily saved from being lost by the rubber gaitor that covers it . My fault , I had the lever off end of 13/early 14 to respray it and obviously did not nip the bolt tight enough . I keep a set of allen keys under the seat so I was going again in a couple of minutes .

Couple of weeks ago I gave it a oil change and a set of plugs .

Chain is in need of replacing , I was hoping to get it through the winter but it is not looking likely , I try to keep up with lubricating it but seem to have a link that is a bit tight .

One thing I have noticed in the last month is the fuel consumption , seem to be putting more in . It is running ok and in fact the colour and condition of the spark plugs confirms it . Not sure on that .

Well that is the latest on mine . Would love a new bike as it is I think feeling tired but I am looking at buying a house in France early next year and seeing that the French do not like outstanding debts such as vehicle finance when applying for a mortgage I think it best keep my debt free sheet clean until after I have a house .

Anyone live or ride in the Creuse district of the Limousin ?


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I have now had this bike 11 years from new and it has covered just over 68 thousand miles .Due to just passing my test and inexperience I fell off on leaves at about 10mph a month after buying it , put a dink in tank and scuffed some plastics so I thought I would put some crash bungs on just in case it happens again but you know what they are in unused condition, never fell off or dropped again. 
Still been very reliable with just the series of dodgy brake lever switches to blot the copy book , that’s not the bikes fault but  I have not put one on for years since I bought a cheap one off eBay. Crazy to think the genuine ones packed up quickly despite trying to protect them and a copy part has been ok. Other let down was a broken battery lead at the terminal due to corrosion, a battery both let me down at home so it has never actually broken down. Put a shock absorber on it, blimey they are expensive and fork seals . Other than that it gets a genuine filter and Motul oil every 6000miles, chain and sprocket as required and brake pads. 
 Still getting around 10k out of a pair of tyres , currently have a pair of Pirelli Diablo on there and they still have plenty of tread a few thousand miles on , recent new EBC brake pads. All in all a very reliable bike and still used daily for commuting although only doing 26miles a day now. It is not mint but it is a daily ride kept under a cover but it cleans up well and every winter I strip it down and go through it and put new plugs in. 
However I am wanting to do some touring so the XJ6N will be for sale at £1400 as I have bought a Triumph Sprint GT 1050. 

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