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AEROX newbie needs help!

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Hi guys, im looking for some advice, i have recently purchased a 51 plated aerox 50cc for £40 yes £40! it needs a few bits doing to it but for £40 i took the challenge.

The first thing that was wrong was no power, its been stood for 5 years and is a bit rusty etc, so threw a new battery at it, still nothing, its the lcd temp gauge model and there is nothing showing, so tried kick starting, still nothing, even after cleaning fuel tank out, fresh fuel etc.got frustrated so took carb apart and there was white crystals in the carb float bowl, tried taking main jet out but in the process it snapped the main jet sleeve.

after searching on ebay i found an engine, carb with airbox, loom and forks (as mine were pitted).

HOWEVER on assesing all the parts, the carb on the ebay swag has (what i understand to be) electronic choke, the one on the oringinal carb didnt (cable type).

So my question is this, if i fit the new loom, engine and carb, will the clocks eventually work?

im just wondering if anyone on here is experienced with the type of things.

i did an engine swap on my honda x8r no probs, just easy as anything, but this has swayed me a little.

Thankyou all in advance, if you require my email please pm me.

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heyya, not too shure about the choke but heres a link to buy a manual choke http://www.adrenalin-pedstop.co.uk/p/Polini_manual_choke_kit_–_starter_lever-2779.aspx i have the exact same choke mechanism and it works brilliant ;)

i have alot of earox spares, soo if you need anything just let me know, drop me a text 07597484642

i have abrand new rear shock, 2 alloys, 100cc engine cover (crank case) seat, pannles, clocks, bars, forks, disk, caliper, clutch, variator, cdi, belts, rollers.... loads of bits :) good prices on everything.

im running the exact same modle... and im happy to see theres others keeping this machine on the road :)

im asuming you new to ped tuning,soo heres a few sites for all your essentials:)



hope it all goes well

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