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Foamys new toy :D

wild foamy

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Hey peeps! :D

with my pending departure overseas it seems i have already spent my bonus, behold the glory of my latest toy, 17k on the clock and a few extra toys added on for good measure


It was my dads bike about 7 years ago, he rode it for a while and parked it up under cover in the garage... where it stayed for 5 years until i decided it would be a respectable step up from the rattley battle-scarred XJ600, managed to dig it out from under the crap that has accumulated in the garage today and after installing a fresh battery and turning the fuel tap to the on position (the XJ has a vac operated tap, im not used to this!) it fired into life and ran perfectly, it is a H*nda after all ;)

love the sound of that D&D exhaust system... got a bit of bark to it

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I had one of these Foamy,,,,, they are a great bike,,,trully great.

Take care on it,,, they are very fast,, not only in speed but in quick turning in on corners.

They are very much race oriantated and dont like low revs,,,,, hence why there a bit dangerous,,,, you have ta ride hard to keep the bike happy.

Thats a reall nice looker ya got there,,,,, i'm loving it.

Take her handy !

ps did ya win the lottl ??????????

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cheers lads, unfortunately i didnt win the lottery, i won £10 on a scratchcard last week when i was out in town but i promptly managed to piss that up the wall, got this at a reduced price because i bought it off the old man, he was never likely to start riding it again, A) his leathers only fit me now and B ) he cant get his belly behind the tank lol :P

The XJ600 has to go, im deploying overseas at the end of the month so im going to start tidying it up now and when i get back in may it will be on ebay, then i need to get the Mini sorted aswell, dont know why i bought the feckin thing tbh i really dont have the time or space for it, if anyone fancies buying my mini let me know ;).

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i'd need more than a coffee by the time i get all the way up there!

The XJ has been provisionally sold now, a mate of mine frome work is looking after it whilst im away, then when i get back he wants to buy it, gonna miss the old rattler :(

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too right, limited edition paint job, incredibly light and highly collectable, gonna keep that and let it appreciate in value a bit, like the XJ, ive kept it 2 years and ive had an offer of £100 more i bought it for

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