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Hello! Workshop/Service/Repair Manuals for 2010 YBR

Dom Acca
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Hey there guys, Ive been riding since August last year and been having a blast and at some point looking for going on rides with people either before i upgrade or after! :)

But before i rush ahead of myself, Does anyone know if theres a workshop manual for a Yamaha YBR 125 2010? Ive been looking at some Haynes ones on the Net but that only covers the 2004-2009 series.

I had an accident the other day and went through someones fence which ended up with me trying to figure out how to repalce my rear brake pedal, indicitor switch and front light (not the bezzle or bulb)

What i want to know is if the Haynes manual for older models is compatible for my bike?

Please, any advice or help would be appreciated. I dont feel safe on the road with it atm

-Thanks For Reading, Dom

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Cant see them being any different dom, they have to put dates on them...the next one may be 2004-2012 for example (thats if there is a next one), of course there may be a few differences but you're stuck really arent you? I say get one you never know when the next will be published.

please intro in new members

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Thank You Airhead, Ill give it a go. I would just take it to a garage but i wouldnt really learn anything would I?

And sorry, ill do that now

Thanks again

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