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VIN number help? YBR125


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Evening all.

Been reading the forums here for ages, thought I'd actually post for once and see if you guys can help me.

I have a YBR125 that I hardly use any more, got bigger shinier bikes now! Would really like to sell it but I lost the V5 ages ago.

I have the form to fill in to get the new V5 sent to me, but I have to put the VIN number on the form.

I used this website which has a VIN 'decoder' on it for Yamaha's, to double check I had it right and it constantly comes up as an invalid VIN number. Website here: http://www.motoverse.com/tools/vin/yamaha.asp

Don't really want to send the form off now, in case I'm getting it wrong somehow!

Plus i'm not 100% what the first symbol is, I want to say L but not sure.

I've never tried to decode one of these before, but if someone could type it out in plain english for me, I'd be so grateful!



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It looks like LBPRE051000203096 to me. That follows the usual pattern for YBRs. None of the Vin Decoders could find it, but they couldn't find a couple of good known VINs either!!

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Sorry to be a harbinger of doom mate, but that looks like it's been done with a centre punch and not stamped, looks like a grinder has done it's business too, underneath it, but thats just my opinion anyroad, as I have a few years as a plater/welder under my belt, and a centre punch is a tool of my trade. A good job but not good enough I reckon.

Just checked a pic I have of mine, and mine's done with 6mm stamps

Just out of interest what does the engine number come up with, YBR's came out in 2005, and theres a chance that the engine number and vin / frame number/lettering will be the same, all uk YBR vin numbers 2005, 2006, 2007, had the prefix 3D9

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6 hours ago, Lunamark said:

Our VIN Checker is a powerful tool which allows you to run a VIN records check to make sure that your vehicle isn't stolen or being used in illegal activities.We have all the information Try it now you need to verify the status of your vehicle.

I doubt anyone on here will be checking a Chevy...
Are you a bot? lol

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