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Hi All,

have just started on a restoration of an old ct1? 175 . How can i identify the year model etc for parts and colour scheme etc Is there an web based repositories of info?

Do you figure that it is a CT1 from the engine code? CT1 was used as the start of engine codes from 1969 to 1973 I believe, even though in those years, the models were CT1, CT1B, CT1C, CT2 and finally CT3 in 1973. Here's a modification of a chart I found on the net,

CT1 Year: 1969 Start Engine#: CT1-000101

CT1B Year: 1970 Start Engine#: CT1-010101

CT1C Year: 1971 Start Engine#: CT1-200101/ A confused year. Two separate sets of engine codes. The first set was for non-reed valve engines I believe.

At some mid year point, the engine codes changed dramatically - this could be when reed valves were introduced (but just a guess on my part). At that point the codes begin with CT1-032101

CT2 Year: 1972 Start Engine#: CT1-065101 (definitely reed valve engines)

CT3 Year: 1973 Start Engine#: CT1-100101 (reed valves, gold tanks, grey/black fenders like mine)

Beginning in 1974, the engines didn't start with CT1 any longer, so you're probably earlier than that.

There is a surprising amount of parts available for these. Good Luck.

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