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Horn not working on XVS650


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Hello all!

was just wondering if anyone can help - I recently purchased an XVS650 and the horn doesn't work. I unplugged the connections and lightly filed off any corrosion on the connection pins, however, still no joy.

The actual horn is rusty in places - do you think it needs replacing? or do you think it could be the connection?

Does anyone have any ideas or know what I should be doing to test?

If purchasing a new horn, I presume I can just replace with a universal motorcycle horn? I'm guessing a 12V horn should be ok for this bike? Please can anyone confirm?

ANY help/advice would be MUCH appreciated!

THANKS as always,


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Yes it's a 12 volt system, with a negative earth. Get some automotive insulated wire, remove the horn and connect it to the battery direct, universal polarity so either wire onto either terminal (you don't need to use solder or connectors, just hold it or twist it so that it stays on). The horn should sound continuosly if it works. If no sound is heard or it faulters at all, new horn, there are 4 on Ebay at present from £4.99 up to £21.00 or yes, you could go for a universal horn.

If the horn works when connected to the battery, then it's either the switch or the wiring. The switch is just a mechanism to break the electrical circuit to the horn and should be fairly easy to bypass with the wire you used to connect the horn to the battery, after you bypass the switch if the horn works continuosly the switch is at fault, buy and fit a new switch (Ebay is not a huge amount of help on this one at present) or try WD40 into the switch itself, can't hurt and it's cleaning properties sometimes work on electrical contacts. Worst case senario in my opinion is if the horn itself works and the switch is working perfectly well, then you have a break in the wiring or a bad earth. Trace the wiring back to the earthing point, clean and tighten that and check again, if there's still no joy it's a case of out with the multi meter to find the fault, alteratively, run some new wiring to the horn. Good luck.

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Hey Mate, do you have a cordless drill? if so take off the battery, take off your horn and connect the possitive and negitive terminals up to the battery with two bits of wire it should then sound the horn if not.........either charge your battery and re-try lol or you need a new horn

Et vala http://www.custom-fasteners.co.uk/acatalog/Horns.html

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