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2007 R6 idle problems


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With my mandatory introduction post out of the way, I figure I'll jump right in with my inquiry:

I have an 07 R6 that doesn't like to idle at stoplights... randomly. When I say randomly I mean that it doesn't matter if its hot or cold. Sometimes it does it, and sometimes it doesn't. It happens frequently enough to where its problematic. I've changed the spark plugs, cleaned and examined the air filter, and had the battery checked. When I am riding and I pull in the clutch while off the throttle or stopped the idle dips and the bike dies. When I try to start it, it fires right up. It doesn't bog or sputter upon acceleration.

At the track they told me that the idle speed needed to be adjusted. My only question is: if the idle speed isn't meant to be played with on these bikes (as I understand it) then how would that be the source of the problem? I have heard of the idle speed adjustment alleviating the symptoms, but my fear is that while it alleviates the symptoms there may still be a more significant underlying problem. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Why are you not supposed to "play" with the idle speed ??? Does it say this in your manual or something ?

If this is the only problm you are having,,,and all other throttle positions respond correctly then it really does sound like your idle is set just that little bit to low.

What revs does it try to idle at ?? 1500rpm roughly ??

Have your carbs ever been balanced ? Does your rev needle do a lot of jumping up and down when trying to idle ?

Are you getting the idle speed screw and the air screw mixed up- - - - - the air screw should not be messed with,,,,but the idle screw is ok to turn up a bit,,,,me thinks !

EDIT: is this a fuel injected bike?

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ah the common idle problem! its more than likely dirt in the carb this problem has been much discussed o the r6-forum,before you try and adjust idle try sea foam as your in the states as many others have found this cures it,yamaha do recommend that you dont mess with the idle adjustment but plenty of folk do but be aware its very sensitive.

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Thank you all for the response. Sorry for the delay, I have been out and about in the world.

The bike is fuel injected, not carbureted. According to people have done this adjustment, the knob is located in the throttle bodies and is a small screw with a lock-nut backing. Opponents of adjusting the idle speed on this particular model claim that it can potentially screw up engine settings so I just wanted to see if anyone has had any similar experiences on the newer model R6's and has done this adjustment. As it is, I will most likely be testing out the method tomorrow.

Edit: I almost forgot - in response to the question posed above - the bike idles extremely low, 1k or less. When it dies, it is usually when I come to a stop and have pulled the clutch in. If I try to hold the throttle open it won't reconcile itself into a reasonable RPM it is either at 3k or it dips and dies.

Even when it doesn't die completely, it dips very low and idles at around 500-900 RPMs. There are no erratic spikes in idle or anything like that.

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Won't be dirty carbs as it's fuel injected. You're idle is low at 1000. Does the bike stall or threaten to if you apply lots of throttle suddenly from a standstill? The 2006/7 R6 was said to have suffered with this problem fairly commonly. I had the ECU replaced by Yamaha on my 07 (as well as plenty of other bits and pieces such as sensors, filters, battery, leads, plugs etc.) before they tracked the problem down to being a faulty injector.

Not sure if it's the culprit in your case but the problem was apparently fairly wide spread across the first couple of years of the newer looking R6's - before the updated bike was released for 2008.

Hope you get it sorted though as it's very annoying, especially with summer coming. Good luck!

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Personally.. If the bike is idle speed is at 1k or less I'd give the idle/throttle stop screw a turn (with the engine running) to the right to tighten it, Only a little is needed and I'd do this until it was touching 1300-1500 rpm, It should be fine but if not seek further advice.



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