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Another bike! Ahhhh


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Why oh Why cant i keep my money in my pocket and my big mouth shut :blink::rolleyes:

a while back i was looking for a small sigle cylinder run-about (mini project).

I looked for a Yam at the time but could`nt find one i could afford.

So i bought a sweet little Honda CG125...... it was a bargain :) .

so i should have enough bikes now?, but no!

someone has offered me a RSX100 at a realy good price, and without hesitation, i said yes :o

So now i am going to have to explain to the missus why we have yet another bike living with us :icon_eek:

Am i the only one to do this or are there others amongst us who have to many bikes for thier own good :icon_biggrin:

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I *SO* know where you're coming from :-| Ok, with me it wasn't bikes, but I used to have the same problem with Mini's - being the only driver in the house at one point I had 3 on the drive plus a runaround :-s

Thankfully I haven't started with bikes, but have a friend with 5 if she counts lol.


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rxs 100 what a bike, i bought one new when i was 17 in 1983 £800 and passed my two part test on it. that little bike would shame most of todays learner bikes. swapped it for a rd250lc one year later, you know the call of a bigger bike. good luck with it.

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