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My Yamaha Chappy....


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About a year ago I bought a Yamaha LB50 Chappy. It was not in a great shape but it was almost complete. This is a Yamaha twostroke that's rare in my country. :


It is a Yamaha LB50 Chappy. It is a 50cc "minibike" with 2 gear automatic gearbox and mountain gearing.


Carburator and manifold are missing and rearlight needs to be re-newed as well but the rest is fairly complete. In Thailand you even can get new parts for these bikes.


Was at first red but som idiot painted it blue with a spraycan :smt013

Frame, headlight and mounts and bodypart underneath the buddyseat are mad of steel and will be powdercoated, probably in "Black Gripp" like the swingarm of my RZR special. The rims will be coated in a different color.

Next year we will put it on the caravan when we go camping.

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Some time has gone and the frame and other metal parts have been sandblasted


....and all parts were dropped off at the coating company I worked for previously.

First parts came back with a glossy black outdoor quality coating. First all parts were KTL precoated.


Next week the frame will be coated in a silk-gloss grey metalic structure coating. This will be the first time they use this particular coating. Hardley can't wait to see it....

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Got the frame back today. Coated in a silk gloss metalic grey structure coating. The pictures below don't give credit to the fine job the coater did. I will make pic's in the morning in btight sunlight.



Together with the glossy black other parts I believe the contrast will be good.

Bought some new Heidenau racing tyres for the Chappy today.


They are nice and soft tyres and tomorrow I will mount these on the rims. That's rather easy as the rims are two halves that bolt together and will split in half for removing and mounting the tyres.

Tomorrow the build-up of this bike will start and I will provide you with some pic's that show the progression.

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Yeah Paul, I ordered all the CMM issue's about this Chappy bike a couple of month ago. Thanks for the info.

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hola felicitaciones esta quedandote muy buena tu chappy , esas motos son un verdadero clasico yo las compro las restauro y las vendo , tengo varias para la venta y ademas repuestos que son muy dificiles de conseguir si quieren fotos de chappys o repuestos y precios me pueden escribir a mi correo [email protected] envios a cualquier parte del mundo

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Came a little bit further towards the "goal" an I have worked on the fork today.


The wheels are finished and ready to be mounted.


Will be continued.....

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Class lookin wee bike !

He's doing a great resto !

Hope he comes back with more pic's and the finished product !

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The bike is looking great. I recently got myself 2 1981 LB50PH Chappy's. I'm new to the Chappy world. Any tips and pointers you could pass my way? Right now I'm just looking to get them running up to par. A full restoration project will happen down the road.


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Hey guy's!

im restoring my Yamaha chappy to, going to metalfake paint it nice and retro ;)

ill post some pics after!

does anyone have the service manual for a lb 50? i think i downloaded the wrong one on the manual site...

its for a lb2 and lb2m...

someone knows whats the difference?

Gr Bas

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