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So I will be relocating the battery to the back hump really soon and since my battery has been neglected forever I was thinking of getting a new one. I read on some bobber forums that they just used a very small battery that is the size of your fist :blink: and it works? I currently have LED turn signals (will be adding LED tail light too) and changed the headlight to a 35/35w h4 bulb if that information helps any. I know a sealed battery will work but than I would have to make a fiberglass pan for it and have less space for the rest of the electronics since I am clearing the battery box and making the thing look clean.

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If you only use the kick starter yes you can fit a much smaller battery. I wouldn't fit a battery less then 5 amp hours with the standard regulator

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I do plan on doing kick start only, what kind of batter should I get? Can anyone lead me in the right direction? how do you check a battery for amp hours?

it says so on the battery description.

her's one


or use a .8amp like these guys

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I use soethig similar, on my DT. its a werker 5 amp battery at 6v. it holds out ok, but about every 6 months, the vibratons tend to get to it and render it useless. thank god they have a 1 year warranty.

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