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A dunno about the warranty void part there, my local Yam dealership is selling brand new R125's with full sport exhaust systems that supposedly up the power by 20%, doubt they would be doing this if it made the warranty null and void.


not done anything with her yet, i had a bad crash about a year ago, only just getting round to sorting all the panels out and respraying her etc, sport systems add a little more power and pull but seem to back fire an awful lot!

thanks for the bday wishes, yeahh i feel old now i hit that age :(

cheers for the good lucks in the test(s),wont be passed by the end of March, as not been keeping my lessons constant due to problems etc, not happy, but not much i can do about it.

as for my next bike, im thinking about a lil 250 just to get used to having that little bit extra pwoer, speed and torque. i dont want to go stupid about it and jump straight onto a 600 as that would be stupid in my opinion. eventually, i would love an R1 or the total opposite Goldwing. Money isnt really an issue, but im planning on moving etc so not getting my hopes up just going to roll with the wind :D

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