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DT175 mx CDI


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I´m new in here

Good afternoon

my bike, yamaha dt 125 ac don´t start

I want to ask with the schemme how cam i get sinal in the spark plug

The orange wire coming from the cdi to coil can i measure the resistance in ohms?



Yamaha DT 125 AC.pdf

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which is the black wire that makes return to battery, it is black neer the brown or black near orange?


Thanks for this.


The kill switch was connected but I have disconnected that. I have cleaned up all of the connections to the CDI (the CDI was not connected when I got it) and earths that I need and with a new plug and it sounds like I have a spark. There is no 2 stroke oil in it or fuel pipe so I will need to get these. I may have to wait until it gets dark and then kick it over with the plug out but earthed to see if I am right about the spark. Thanks for the information so far.


I sent my other half and her kids off to the pictures so I can get some time with the bike. I only brought it yesterday and love it. Non starter and rough as old boots or not.


Cheers but I am sure that I will be asking more questions in the future.


Bad wiring pictures below









Yamaha DT 125 AC.pdf

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