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Someones got it in for me....

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Well if i hadnt heard it from the horses mouth i wouldnt believe this story,. looks like youve been well and truly shafted 7omly, BTW didnt you have free legal advise on your insurance?

As i said before why didnt the police take photos especially as you were taken to hospital???

Anyway..good to hear from you again, but sorry to hear what you have to say.

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all I can say is.....Holy Shit

Now if you had beating up some old beggars then all you would've had to have done was paint a few fences :blink: and they would probably throw in a few lines of coke to let you "chill out ma man!"

what a society we live in, all the aces ran by people who've got no faces!

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I rode home from work today on the Divvy, it actually stayed dry for the 15 mile journey and I enjoyed it.

Then I seen some dopey twat had parked in front of my drive on the opposite side of the road. The vehicle was about 80% blocking the drive but I managed to squeeze (rather gingerly) out onto the road and went into town to collect my daughter.

When I got back the prat's silver vauxhall astra (rental car) was still there and a few others had parked legally but this made getting into my drive a real ballache manouvre. I walked up and down the road knocking on doors to find the culprit to no avail

Fed up to the teeth (this is an ongoing problem because I work shifts and often find myself in this predicament) I rang the police. Two PCs turned up half an hour later and knocked on several doors but got no reply. They then told me that they thought he hadn't been very considerate parking as he had but they couldn't give him a ticket because I had managed to get out. (I can manouvre a car skillfully so the Police won't help, he's an inconsiderate tw~t so he gets away with it)

Incidentally this prat could have parked in several other places where he would have hindered no-one, including the empty driveway of the house he was visiting.

The two plods then stood and watched as I did a seven point turn to get into my own driveway. I'd bet ten quid and my left knacker that if I had scratched his car they would have done me there and then.

The plods left a Fixed Penalty Ticket envelope on his window with a note inside, as the PC put it, 'to scare him'.

Forty five minutes later the little tw*t emerged from the very house door both the plods and I had been knocking at, believe it or not he then moved his car onto the very drive of the house he was visiting.

The pillock parked his car causing an obstruction and refused to answer the door to a uniformed police officer.

What I want to know (apart from how to understand women) is how the feck is a note going to scare him.

I now no longer give a fuck about living in a free country, I'm just glad I can still enjoy riding my lovely old divvy.

All the best and safe riding to everyone

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