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First he chats, THEN he introduces himself


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Having perused the forum for a while, I bit the bullet, registered and put up a couple of posts. It then occurred to me that it may have been polite to say "Hello". So, er, "Hello."

I've been wanting to pick up the new TDM since last week but have been put off the idea so far due to the pants weather in the south east. I don't mind riding in the rain, you understand; I'm just not so happy about making the first trip down dodgy, greasy road surfaces on brand new release agent-covered rubber.

The weather is, naturally, brilliant now but the bike shop is closed. The forecast for Tuesday & Wednesday is, well, pants again. Looks like it'll be a Thursday pick up, then.

The bike's first major outing might therefore be to Cadwell Park next weekend for the BEMSEE race meeting. Weather permitting, of course :icon_wink:

Pip, pip.


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Welcome Steve.

I understand your reluctance but your gonna have to get it out sometime (oh er missus).

Up north here in Cumbria we wouldn't mind if our only problem was release agent.

Last saturday my son and I went for a ninety mile jaunt and it was totally spoiled by everything from huge cowpats to loads of road grit (I wouldn't mind but it hasn't been cold enough to grit the roads for the last two weeks.

Good luck and safe riding for when you pick it up.


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