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Idiot Ebay dismantlers


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What is with these idiots on ebay who think they can dismantle a UJM, then list every part and not have the sense to throw away the junk? They also don't list the stuff as a regular auction, but sell it in their ebay stores as a buy it now for rip off prices. I just saw a 31 year old cam seal up for grabs. He said it looked like new. It was out of round and probably hard as a rock. Or how about a 32 year old air filter with 60% of the filter material missing and the rest of it so ancient it crumbles to dust when you touch it. The same crackpot also listed an old wiring harness with corrosion on the connectors that he described as perfect except for the section that was cut off.

I know there are many of those folks that PT Barnum spoke of, but even they wouldn't buy some of this junk.

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Ther's one born every minute on EBay.

I have just seen someone pay £22.50 plus £4.99 for a used fender extender.

You can buy one brand new for £21.00 delivered.

If that's a bargain I don't want them.

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I just bought a complete headlamp for my DT175MX, it was advertised as "Very good condition". When it came it wes clearly not very good condition so I contacted the seller to tell of my disappointment. I sent it back and the seller refunded me in full, paid the return postage and changed the listing to read "In fair condition". This is how it should be done :thumb:

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I just bought a complete headlamp for my DT175MX, . This is how it should be done :thumb:
HERE /HERE VICTOR . I"V HAD NO PROBS . & just bidding on headlight for me DT. [ THATS ME YORKSHIRE ACCENT] Need it for me S.V.A. test us lens dips wrong way . B)
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This is a classic.

I was looking for a Cat eliminator for the R1 (underseat system) and was wathching one on ebay. A nearly new Akrapovic stainless item.

I was outbid early on and it went on to make £135, with £10 p&p. :o

The funniest thing was the listing below was an identicle BRAND NEW one for the (akra rrp) of £124.99 with FREE P&P :blink:

Why would any one part with the extra £20............FOR A USED ONE??????????

As you say, one born every minuite

(cripes, I hope the bloke who bought it isn`t reading this ;) )

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