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My bike XT660X


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Yamaha XT660X

Stage 1 & 2 DNA Filters

Plain Titanium Carbon Can Co Exhausts

Carbon Heel Guards

Waterpump Guard

Yammy Skid Plate

Wheel Crash Bobbins

Acerbis Front Fender

Hand Guards

Renthal Handlebar Hugger (fitted after pic)

Best bit though is The Fosters sticker on front fork haha

had it dynoed at carbon can co in fleetwood in july and as standard on a dyno they read at 43bhp mine was 49.95bhp

video on the dyno

video of a ride past


loads more vids on me you tube account for a giggle and escapades with my xt

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had food poisoning once, sounded like that my self for days after :( why advertise yourself as a fosters drinkerman???? :blink: 4% of gas and p1ss, bet your local is a weatherspons too!!!

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Nothing wrong with Fosters or Weatherspoons for that matter. At least you get a pint without having to take out a mortgage.

Anyway. Sweet looking bike. Considering one myself. Although due to other circumstances i can't see me changing bikes next year now.

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Nice looking XTX! Test rode one of those few weeks ago. Couldn't buy one of those, I'd be jailed for wheeling all the time :D

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Does any one know what sort of torque these put out? Under 50bhp and weighs a bit so im guessing a fair amount?

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Sweet bike

Niiiiiice, I'm looking into getting one.


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