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R6 problems?


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Only 'Nutter Syndrome' which is rider induced anyway.

The one thing I will advice mate is take it steady for a while and learn to read what the bike is doing/telling you. Earlier R6's are known to bite if you can't read the signs and being a newbie to bikes your not going to be able to yet. Front end comes up easy and tank slappers are not uncommon.

get used to it and enjoy biking!

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There are no problems as such, there will be a chatter from the oil pump chain but it isn't a worry the only thing you have to worry about is the 24k service which means you'll have to shed out around £400 for it.


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The R6 is an arse to work on cos of the way yamaha have crammed everything in. Just changing the brake lines the other day took a while cos of ill placed bolts, and though I do most things myself on the bike I wont try that.

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As the other guys say, watch that front end as it can get abit lively especialy on with an open throtle over bumpy roads :blink:

Some of the early R6s had a weakness for the 1st to 2nd gear change (return spring could need replacing). So avoid 1st gear abuse and you should have no probs. Otherwise bulletproof ;)

Some say the handling is a bit strange compared to other 600s but mine has been brill once I removed the squared off tyres it came with. Now on BT 014s which feel good.

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