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need your help!

Matt Hillyard

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Hi everyone,

Been a while since ive posted but ive got a dilemma!

About a month ago now some little twit decided it would be fun to push over my 05 plated R6, its now damaged the end can and scratched a few pannels, the pannels should buff out but, the can is quite badly scratched (well i can see it everytime i get near the bike!!! :'( )

Now i am not sure what can to go for, do i go standard?? Do i get carbon? Highline? tri oval?

I need your input to see what would look best, i use the bike at least a couple of days a week for work so got to be E marked.


Has anyone got any views on tail tidys?? and those rear lights with built in indicators? Im thinking of small things that might make my R6 a bit more trick.

Here is a pic of an R6 like my bike for reference completely stock so far!


Cheers people!!!


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Hi Matt

I've got an 04 R^ and put a Scorpion Carbon oval end on on it. It's looks smart has removal baffle, I never put mine in and commute 40 miles on it everyday. I've also got the rear light fitted with the built in indicators and it really cleans the back end of the bike up, it'll be going for its first MOT soon so I'll know whether it passes with these instrictly speaking it should but you never know.

As regards to tail tidys I just removed the old unit and then got a couple of bits of L shaped bits of metal drilled holes in them where the original fixing holes are and then bolted it up and fixed the plate to these. Cost only a few pence compared to 40 odd quid for a proper one. Also I think it looks less clutered this way as soome I've seen have quite large metal plates that bolt to the undertray.

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Cheers Chris thats some sond advise! Do you have any pics of your bike so i can see the can and tail tidy etc??

I am very tempted by the scorpion range as they look very good. I have seen the Carbon Can Company do a nice can for the R6 but does anyone know what they are like for quality?

Have you changed your front indicators at all?

Where did you get your parts from and were they simple to fit as i dont want to change the bike too much to get these parts to fit!



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Front Indicators are currently Tiny-cators, but Motrax have just bought some new ones out that are LED flush mounted that are designed to go into the gap left after removing the original indicators.

As for the rear the only photo I have was during prototyping to see if it would work, so I've since painted the brakcets and fitted black polts from underneath rather than seeing the nuts.

can't suss out how to put pic's on here though ... though I had but it's not having it !

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I never said my bike was a 2005 year bike Section 8. I just said it was 05 plated. I am fully aware that its an 04 bike on an 05 plate. however for exhaust purposes as far as i was aware 03, 04, and 05 R6's all use the same can which is where my query is.

I have spotted a carbon can co exhaust which are hand made with removeable baffles etc. its finished in carbon fibre and am thinking that if i can get it for the right price i will have that.

I just didnt know if anyone had had any previous experience with them as an exhaust and company.

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Hi Matt,

Here's a pic of my R6 with my Micron oval can on it. I've only had this bike for a few months and this can came with it. I'm really pleased with it, as I have riden the bike with its standard can on just to see what the diference was. There is a small power increase for sure with the Micron, but the main difference is the noise and looks. I'm never riding anything with a standard can again!

If the bike hadn't come with the Micron I would have gone for a Yoshi Tri-Oval or Termignomi though for sure, and probably a carbon one just to match it up nicely with the frame.

As for indicators, i'm getting a set of LED Tips, they look sweet and can be seen from the side - safety first kids!!!!! :D


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Hi all,

Sorry to drag up an old thread but just wanted to thank people for their advise!!

I now have a carbon Akrapovic exhaust on its way to me and hopefully should be fitted for the weekend!! I'll get some pics up the minute its fitted!

Next on the list, a tail tidy!

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