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R6 for a short arse


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Hi All!

I've just signed up as a new member recently, hi to everyone and a very happy new year!!!!

My query for anyone who can help is this;

I bought my 2006 model R6 in Feb of last year.

I fitted a linkage kit (as I am only 5ft 1") and this enabled me to lower the seat height by about 2 inches and I didn't have to mess around with the natural set up and dynamics of the bike too much. After that I thought, hey problem solved! There is hope for us short arse's out there! But not so, its seem's not only is my height a disadvantage to me but also my weight!!!!! (I weigh bout 8stone) I do not seem to be able to get the bike to react and perform they way its designed to when I'm riding it!

After putting some cable ties around the fork legs I checked them after I'd been out for a spin and the cable ties hadn't even moved!!!!!! So I wound down all the pre-load, in an effort to see what diff that makes. If I change the set- up back to the factory settings it's throwing me up out of the seat when I hit the smallest of pot holes as it was in the beginning! Where do I go now? I've been in touch with suspension set-up specialists and they reckon they can tweek the set-up and have it perfected for me. In the meantime I'd just like to know if anyone out there has come across a situation like this before?????? I know there are loads of other bikes out there that would suit me better than the R6 but I don't want any other bikes! I want my R6.

S x

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Would love to help Steph but as I have no technical knowledge at all, the only thing I can recommend is a few of these:


Ha, ha! :D Many thanks for your advice Boozehound! You're not the only one who's recommended that kind of solution!

Felt a bit silly posting that query actually, like I thought I was a 'model' or something giving my vital statistic's to all, but it is a real problem for me and very frustrating!!!!!

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Hmm seems like a lighter fork oil may help, or some lighter/progressive springs in the forks, not over sure about the suspension setups of modern bikes, but i would seek expert advice before doing anything tooo drastic


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