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i have a new form of transport

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finally seen sense and decided old performance cars are full of hassle and problems so i bought this





yes a decent sensible nippy tdci turbo diesel ford focus 5500 quid so not the cheapest but low mileage and immacualte through out.

and its so unbelieveably quiet infact its quieter than most petrol cars

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Looks like a Girlie Hairdresser's car to me! :D

Mozz.....Whatever happened to the DT ZenMaster we once knew? :unsure:

Think you've been away from 2-Wheels a bit too long. ;)

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4th seat now never had any real probs except when the missus drove a toledo into 3 feet of flood water that f***ed the engine when it sucked in a load of water, canna blame the car for that, did north devon to fleet services to portsmouth to calne and back too north devon in some pretty atrocious weather last july about 3/400 miles in one dayand it never missed a beat,

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i still say ford are by far the best manafacturer for reasonbly priced cars i dont like seat, they are a poormans vw which is a poor mans audi etc, ford make perfectly good reliable cars the old fix or repair daily thing was never really true compared to most manafacturers.

this focus is a commuter car mainly for economy, and definatly no modifying required it goes well enough for me it has 115 bhp and 284 nm of torque and it can see off most petrol cars of equivalint size etc. its amazing how diesels ave evolved

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Well i have to say it's better than my car! not that that's hard considering i haven't got one!

On the talk of diesels my dads bloody diesel estate does 150mph and 0-62 in 7 secs! like you say Mozzy it's pretty unbelievable how fast diesels are now :o

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