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XJ600 Handling

Blue Streak

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Hello all. Just found this site whilst searching for answers to the nightmares that I am having with my bike.

I have a recently acquired 1997 XJ600S Diversion and the handling is scary to say the least.

At low speed (below 40mph) it feels like the bars are trying to oscillate when riding in a straight line. Any road surface irregularity will set off handlebar oscillation. The back end feels like it is constantly weaving from side to side. It is about ten times worse in the wet.

Tyres are Avon HKM with pressures set 33/40. Rear tyre has slightly flat profile, obviously from lots of commuting by previous owner, but still plenty of tread left. Rear shock set on second highest setting. (I am quite tall and weigh 13 1/2 stone). Changed the front fork oil to see if that would make a difference, but no change.

Has anyone here experienced this sort of behaviour on a divvy? I've never had this with any previous bike.

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Could just be the tyre's don't suit the bike.

But first, check to make sure the rear wheel is aligned correctly. and that the wheel bearings are OK.

If you want to try changing the tyre then get something that does suit. Often manufactures make various models of what is effectively the same tyre but is model specific. For example my mates GSXR 750 comes with Bridgestone BT014's, he had them changed recently and they are not the same profile as the originals, so riding in the dry is not as confidence inspiring as the original fitments.

Also set all suspension settings back to standard and take it from there

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Got it all sorted. Front wheel was out of balance. The workshop guy said that Avon tyres have a habit of losing it like that when worn. Got it all balanced up and it's like a new bike.

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Good News BlueStreak.....always good when it ends up being an inexpensive fix ;)

I used to do tire work for a bike shop & remember hearing that same thing about Avons in particular. :headscratch:

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