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I'm done!


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So like all things I have decided that I'm finally done with my biking, not happy about it but I am just getting to old to do this any more. I have been riding since I was 14 and now at 71 it's time to hang my boots up. Having fallen off more times than I can mention and also having more broken bones over the years than is healthy it's time to walk away. I would like to say to you all may you all live and ride for as long as you can and stay safe out there and if you know anyone who want's a 2001 FJR1300 please let me know. I will bung an advert up on here in the near future so hope to hear from at least one of you if your interested. Good bye all. Martin.

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Sad times mate!

Glad we got out for a few weekends though. You'll have to find yourself another money-sapping hobby now 😅

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Sad times indeed...

But, maybe it's time to not completely hang up the boots, you could always swap the FJR for an old classic bike?
A nice old 1920s/1930s bike??? :D

Would give you something to spanner at in the shed and the odd pootle out to the shops on... lol

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Sorry to see you go Slice, I'm 10 years behind you and only the other day was wondering how long I've got left riding my bikes.!

All the best for the future, stay well and stay healthy.

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aww slice, big decision, but i can understand it.


Been a pleasure to ride with you in the past and some great memories.

take care

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