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DT 175 Spares 78-81


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I've just and passed direct access and got my big boys licence.

In the market for a big bike but I've got a lot of money tied up in a lot of DT spares and am considering selling the whole lot to finance my first big bike. The alternative is to build a couple of DTs and flog them. 

I've got 1 bike almost complete. 2 other frames, one with a V5 and numerous wheels, tanks, seats and other spares, some of them rare.

I could sell them online but it'll take ages to get rid of everything.

If someone was interested in the whole lot and made a decent offer or even a part exchange I'd give it some serious consideration.

I'm just putting the feelers out at the moment and weighing up my options.

If anyone is interested please get in touch.

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  • ScottLee changed the title to DT 175 Spares 78-82
1 hour ago, finnerz89 said:

What year are all the parts from? 

Apologies I did edit it with that missing info but it didn't save for some reason. 🙄

They're DT175MX 78-81

Probably enough to almost build 3 whole bikes and have some spares left over. A few parts still to get and things like frames need stripping and coating also wheels chroming and re-spoking.

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  • ScottLee changed the title to DT 175 Spares 78-81

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