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Hi , just joined , and not just the free one !  Been away from bikes a long time , 60 next year , well long story  , best mate has just passed away  . Leaving shed of old bikes , nothing exotic or rare sorry . Mostly early 80,s stuff all in bits as is always the way , he had been getting round to building / fixing em and never did .

Anyhow i have got one , a bike i had back in the day DT175 MX 1979    , in bits looks to be complete  so be great to finish one of his collection . Lots of questions on it  i am sure will follow . Will post up some pics 

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Welcome Jim

Hope you find things of interest within the webpages. I'm only a couple of years older than you (61). I've also got a DT175MX 78 model but registered in 79.  I've restored mine  and they are very easy to work on. I've got lots of photos of the engine/gearbox strip down which may be of help to you. Having said that, the best advice I can give is to take lots of photos with your phone/camera, I took hundreds as I worked on it, which were also invaluable on putting it back together months later. Its not like the old days of processed film, it doesn't take up any room on your SD card! and you can easily delete what you don't need.

The forum is very quiet these days, hardly anyone seems to post, me included . However, I do glance at the site most days to see whats going on. If you have any questions ask away, and if i can help out i will.

Start a new topic in the Workshop section if you have any questions.

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Nice! Those DTs were cool.
Welcome in...


Is there any YZFs in there? Thunderace, Thundercat, 750? :D

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