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Yamaha XT 350

Jon Byron

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I just bought this bike and it has no clutch action,always engaged. Plus the two stage carb stalls out when you pull on full throttle. Is the a replacement for that two stage carb that's one throat and in a kit form?

I am a old mechanic and need to know how dissaselmbl the clutch.any suggestions? 

It's a nice enduro just need to fix clutch problem,I

The clutch must be fixed first, thanks Jon B in reno,nevada

[email protected] 


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Motorcycle clutch plates can stick together when left, something called stiction. Like pressing 2 pieces of glass together with a drop of water between.

If your pretty sure the mech is working, first put it in gear and rock the bike back and forth holding the clutch lever, engine off. This may free things up. From here i would go with spanners from now, others will say to start it against a wall or bang it into gear etc, all recipes for hospitals or parts bills, maybe both if you ask me. 

Take off the clutch cover (after draining the oil) Undo the small pressure plate bolts, careful they are very soft (very much recommend some jis screwdrivers). Then take out the clutch pack, sperate it and put it back, that simple.

As to the carb, one of the more model specific forums might be able to give some info on that, don't know myself so cannot comment.

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